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Established in 2000 initially as a manufacturing division of Fuzhou SafeMate™ Worldwide Co., FOCUS has today grown to become one of the most respected names in the field of garments CMT OEM in Fujian Province where most manufacturing industries are located. FOCUS now is operating one main factory with a number of self-owned production sites offering worldwide coverage.

FOCUS is committed to maintaining the very highest levels of quality in every facet of its operation, running a programme of continuous investment in innovation and technology in the sectors of Workwear and Outdoor. Since 2005, FOCUS has become involved in angling and hunting clothes manufacturing. Our facilities include state-of-the-art workshop for garments design and development and highly flexible production units capable of manufacturing more tailor made products where a purpose designed or specialist clothing is required to solve a customer’s individual needs.

Founded over 25 years ago, the parent company Fuzhou SafeMate™ Worldwide Co. currently carries FOCUS division along with gloves and rainwear business with market leading positions in the Industrial and Consumer sectors in Europe, Australia, Canada, as well as South Africa. As being a professional supplier, We have been enjoying cooperation with customers across the world; most of them are decent and reputable companies, e.g. Benetton, Lamborghini SafetyGear, Feldtmann, Descours&Cabaud, Prodex Charnoz, BVG-Airflo and Svendsen Sport.

In addition to the production facility for leather gloves and PU Polyester/PVC rainwear located at our Head Office in Fuzhou, we also have manufacturing facilities in remote areas, e.g. high volume dipping lines, fully automated machine knitting plants and PVC/Polyester fabric mills. With these resources we are able to lead the market with the most cost effective solutions to our customers hand protection and water resistance needs. Since there is NO AGENCY involved, we are always able to quote our customers very advantageous terms. So if you have any good ideas for promoting the sale in your market, please do not hesitate to make contact with us; we shall not fail to afford you every possible assistance.




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